Friday, 31 July 2015

The Green Gardener Saves the Day!

"Help doctor, our worms are dying!"

Sucinno Vernectfoort is the new green gardener at Hutt Council and he was Eastern Hutt School's EnviroWarriors special guest on Friday.

Sucinno was kind enough to come in and speak with a few of our Enviro team about the health of our worm farm and how best to get it back into working order. Once the lid of the worm farm was lifted what was revealed was not as bad as we first thought. 

With the help of the Green Gardener, our EnviroWarriors were able to remove all the worms and compost from the bath, then reconstruct it properly so that the worm farm would be back in action.

The wooden board that had been keeping the lid of the worm farm sealed was placed back in the bottom of the bath where it had been designed for, followed by the black mess. The wooden board was made to keep the food scraps off the bottom of the bath and the mess is laid on top of the board to  act as a sieve  to keep our worms from falling into the bottom of the bath and to allow the worm tea to pass through to the bottom of the bath and then flow out the  bath plug and into a bucket for use on the plants.

Throughout this process our  wonderful EHS EnviroWarriors where watching, questioning and participating as part of the rehabilitation process for our worm farm. It is so wonderful to see the the students getting out and about within their own school and taking the first steps to lending a hand to make a difference in the fight to keep New Zealand a clean, green place to live. Well done EnviroWarriors.

Once our we had farewelled our awesome visitor, there was still work to be done.  So back to G block atrium for a brainstorming and poster making session on how to get our food scrap bins back up and running to feed our worms.  Using the knowledge shared with us by  Hutt Council's very own Green Gardener Mr Vernectfoort, we were able to come up with some really good ideas about how to to move forwarded. 

We have decided that the best way forward is to start up the scrap bins in the senior syndicate first so that they can then teach the other syndicates how it is done and to make sure if there are any teething problems, we can iron them out before rolling it out across the school. Within the senior syndicate there will be four bins one between two classes that will be emptied every two days by a group of EnviroWarriors. A timetable will be drawn up to make sure each group knows which day they need to empty the bins and Miss Wilson will check up with the groups on Tuesday to see how things are progressing. 

Thanks to Mr Vernectfoort and the hard work done by our EHS EnviroWarriors, we will have no trouble having a working worm farm for years to come. 

~ Miss Wilson

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