Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Bee Aware...

It's Bee Aware Month ...  a reminder about the plight of the decreasing bee numbers here in New Zealand and an opportunity to do our bit to help restore a healthy bee population.

One of the best things we can do is make sure there is enough food for our Kiwi bees. We can do this by planting 'bee friendly' plants in our gardens here at school and at home. The National Beekeepers' Association of New Zealand have provided a list of bee-friendly plants you can grow.  Click here. Our EnviroSchools team at E.H.S has a variety of seeds you can plant and nurture in your class garden.  If you want to take a look at what there is, pop in and see Mrs Ranchod.   

We also have a dedicated Bee Garden at school that was established following the middles inquiry into bees in 2013. It's looking great and will soon start attracting bees so they can go about their business of collecting nectar and pollinating the plants...

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